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Gibby is student of Art History and the Masters he has admired. Over the past decade he has studied and drawn inspiration from various artists and artistic movements, never quite adhering to any one movement in particular. In doing so, he has collected a body of techniques, conceptual approaches, and objectives. He has purposely eluded the ability to label his art under any one style or philosophy, other than that of oil painter.


Gibby is from Auburn Township, a small farming community above the Chagrin River Valley on the far Southeast corner of the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Artistic expression has been a constant through-out his life, in the forms of: Drawing, Painting, Poetry and Music. Classically trained, Gibby attended the Columbus College of Art and Design and received multiple merits. Gibby currently resides in Maple Heights, Ohio and works from his in-house studio.

20. Notorious RGB, 2017, Oil on Canvas.jpg


IF previous Movements and Times are marred by by a contradictory nature to the Time and Movement before it, the end result over time and successions of singular negations is undefined and aggressively so. Painted into the corner of ambiguity and angst. Therefore, let this Time and this Movement embrace each stroke of Art that came before it, that refused to be defined by the predominant order, each Movement but a building block in a greater expression, a greater consciousness, a greater aesthetic (effectively rebelling against the commonality of rebelling or negating the period before it). There is never a real death in Art, due to perpetual renaissance after periods of revolution.

Epstein writes:

"The period we are entering is no longer a period after something: post communist, post modernist, 'post this', or 'post that'. The present era is 'proto', but a preface to what, we do not know. Proto - is non-coercive, non-predictive, and unaccountable: a mode of maybe. The future is a language without grammar, an unconscious without dreams, pure nothing. Inescapably the future becomes everything so as again and again to remain nothing."  

9. From Desperation to Hope (shadow self portrait), 2016.jpg

Jungian Shadow Surrealism

Jungian Shadow Surrealism is the utilization of the Jungian concept of the Shadow through literal application as a Surrealist technique. The images begin with the subject interacting with the canvas through their shadow, and the artist tracing those shadows from multiple angles, with no finished image in mind. From what can be described as a mess of lines, the artist then pulls the portrait of the subject out of their shadows utilizing intuition and what is known about the subject through their projections into the outer world. With the incorporation of theories on the psychology of color, Jungian Archetypes, and representational imagery, Jungian Shadow Surrealism aims to capture the underlying unconscious state of the subject in a familiar but foreign way, similar to the experience of dreaming

4. Have a Cigar (portrait of an ex), 2014.jpg

Conglomerate Expressionism

This is a blanket title to an assortment of work that doesn't quiet fit any other definition. Some of the work is purely abstract, others containing a mixture of figurative representations. Some of these works are experiments, which may develop into their own body of work. In this gallery, the meaning or conceptual technique utilized in the creation of each painting will be detailed individually. 

All available painting prices are subject to negotiation, on a sliding scale. Commissions available upon request. Please see Contact Page.



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** Commissions available upon request. 
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